How to Say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Backwards: A Key to Learning Math
Discover the magic of chunking! It's like Mary Poppins teaching kids to say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" backward. Break tasks into bite-sized chunks like Disney did, and let’s make math mastery a reality, one "dociousaliexpeisticfragicalirupus" at a time!
September 26th 2023
Why Math Textbooks Don’t Work and Never Will
Math textbooks fail to teach effectively, overwhelming students with content, creating cognitive overload. Publishers prioritize sales over learning. The solution? A 'see it, do it, check it' approach that simplifies learning, reduces stress, and promotes understanding. Our children deserve better!
September 21st 2023
Why Kids (and Adults) Get Stuck with Negatives, Part 2
The surprising solution to multiplying and dividing negatives: Opposite Day.
September 5th 2023
Why Kids (and Adults) Get Stuck with Negatives, Part 1
Demystify the addition and subtraction of negatives using a new approach to number lines.
September 5th 2023
Yes, Kids Still Need to Memorize Their Times Tables
Discover the critical link between memorization and understanding in math education. Learn how FactFreaks can help kids master multiplication facts for lasting success in math fluency.
August 2nd 2023
Revolutionizing Math Education: FactFreaks Founder's Innovative Approach
FactFreaks founder, Steve Hare, talks with Bill Davidson on Centering the Pendulum about revolutionizing math education with innovative methods that bridge traditional and progressive approaches for optimal student learning.
July 24th 2023
Why People Don’t Litter at Disneyland: The Key to the Future of Education
The remarkable connection between a clean Disneyland and the future of education. Understanding Walt Disney's insights on human nature and how they can revolutionize learning environments.
July 20th 2023
400 Reasons Your Kid Needs FactFreaks
100% instant accuracy with basic math facts will stop simple errors from becoming huge mistakes in more advanced mathematics.
June 18th 2023
Now Everyone Can Be a Math Person (Thanks to Covid)
FactFreaks founder Mr. Hare believes it’s now possible for everyone to master their math facts - and the rest of math too! Read about an experiment he conducted last year to test these theories with five groups of sixth graders; it may change the way you think about the future!
May 25th 2023
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